The Basics[edit | edit source]

If you just want to build and export a structure, be it to back it up, move it to another world, or just to test the system, follow these steps.

Note that structures larger than 323 blocks can take a while to export and import. If you're just moving them, consider splitting them up into parts.

Optional: If you don't want any of ReC's other functionality, read Using Recurrent Complex as a Utility first.

  1. Grab a [[::Category:Selection|block selector]].
  2. Select the structure by setting the first point at one edge of it, and the other point (hold control) at the far edge on the other side.
  3. Type /#export to open up the Structure Configuration GUI. You probably want to set the save location to 'Inactive', to avoid registering it into world generation. You will not need to modify this otherwise for a simple structure file, simply enter a name and click 'save'.
  4. Your structure is now present in either the 'active' folder or the 'inactive' folder, and registered with Recurrent Complex. You can use /#import to place the structure at any position (in any world).
  5. You can edit any structure in your active or inactive folder with /#edit [structure name].

Something more intricate[edit | edit source]

If you want to build a structure that is more involved, first make sure you understand the approach described above to get a general overview.

More approaches are described here: Category:Structure Type

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