An inventory generator is an item that simplifies randomized inventory contents - e.g. chests, dispensers, or droppers. There are a few default ones already registered - the ones that come with the mod are usually very safe to use, since they won't be removed at random.

If you want to test a certain tag, simply shift-click any block that holds items, and it will generate a default set of its items in it.

To actually use one in a build, just place any amount of tags in a chest, dispenser, or similar. Upon generation, the tag will be replaced with its generated items. You can also use tags in other tags to recursively utilize their generation.

Inventory generation tags work completely independently from the structures, so placing a tag in a chest, exporting the structure, and then later editing the tag again will change the items that will generate in that chest. In that sense, it makes sense to use vanilla generation tags, since modders can modify them, and it thus creates a high mod compatibility.

Tag Types[edit | edit source]

Custom Tags[edit | edit source]

If you want to edit an inventory generator, right click either its corresponding inventory generation component tags. It will open a GUI with its configuration. You can also edit an existing inventory generator, but save it under a different name later to copy the initial settings, should you only want to slightly differ from it.

  • ID: The filename and unique ID of the inventory generator.
  • Group ID: The ID of the inventory generator to affect. You can have different generators affect the same group, and all of their items will be added together for the final result.
  • Dependencies: Mods required to use this inventory generator. If the dependencies are not resolved, the inventory generator will not register. Example: 'yegamolchattels,psychedelicraft,pandorasbox'
  • Min / Max Items: The amount of items the inventory generator will generate when the inventory generation tag is used.
  • Weight: Generation weight of the item - in other words, the 'probability' that this stack will be chosen. If you have a sword with a weight of 100, and an apple with the weight of 50, the sword will spawn twice as often.

When you save, make sure it's saved to one of the active folders. If inactive, it won't generate items.

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