Disable Generation[edit | edit source]

Sometimes, you may want to use Recurrent Complex as a pure utility, disabling all actual game impact (that is, structure generation). Reasons may include:

  • Using Recurrent Complex for the Spawn Structures feature purely
  • Using Recurrent Complex as an ingame world editor, for the build tools
  • Using Recurrent Complex only to back up, share, or move structures between worlds
  • For mods, using Recurrent Complex as a dependency, utilizing the built-in API Functionalities solely
  • For mod packs, replacing all the default structure generation with a custom list

To disable the default Recurrent Complex content, please refer to Disabling Structures (Disabling a mod's structures). Disabling Recurrent Complex (!$reccomplex) will disable all of its default structures (but not any custom structures you added yourself).

Lightweight Mode[edit | edit source]

If you want to use Recurrent Complex on the server, without the clients having to install it, you need to activate the 'lightweight mode'. This prevents the mod from registering any blocks or items in the game, but otherwise most of the functionality will still be there.

To enter lightweight mode, simply do the following:

  • Start the server once to generate the configuration files
  • Delete the world again to reset the item and block IDs
  • Find the configuration file (<server directory>/config/reccomplex.cfg)
  • Find the line that says 'lightweightMode=false' and change it to 'lightweightMode=true'
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