WorldScript:Maze Generator
Type WorldScript 
Category Creative 
Stack Size 64
ID mazeGen

Generates a maze, 2D or 3D, from the origin of this block. It works sort of like a puzzle: Each piece has different sides (usually either Path or Wall), and they are put together next to each other to generate a complete maze.

See also: Guide: Making a Maze.


When right clicking the Maze Generator, you are prompted with some options on how to configure your maze. These are the attributes:

  • Maze ID: The ID of the maze to generate. Must match up with the component's Maze ID.
  • Rooms: The maze rooms the components may generate in. A Pyramid, for example, would have many rooms on the bottom, but decreasingly many ascending upwards, as the space for the maze to generate inside tightens.
  • Exits: Pathways that point outside the maze. Use this if you want to have proper entrances, or to indicate what pathways the blocked rooms have.
  • Room Size: The size in x, y, z of the default component. This should generally match up with the component's exported structure sizes. 
  • Shift: The position x, y, z in blocks that this maze should be moved when generating. The maze always generates towards positive coordinates, so if your maze is 30*30*30 and the maze block in the center of the structure, the shift should be -15, -15, -15.